3 Nuns and a Pastor walked past me as I was in the labyrinth down by the Little Miami River.

With all 4 of them focused on the lush trail down to the river, I followed behind.

One sister slowly approached the rocky beach and waltzed straight into the water. 

Her hand slid down by her side and into the dark, earthy water... searching for something.

I stumbled down onto the clay stones and asked,"What're you looking for?"

She quickly looked up at me and said,"A pocket knife my brother gave to me. He got it while serving in the military and I left it down here yesterday after cutting some fishing line."

For the next hour, we searched together for the lost momento. We didn't end up finding the knife, but rather we did find a shotgun shell, sea shells and a frog.

After searching up and the Little Miami River, the sisters started to skip rocks. Each toss followed by a laugh and a splash.

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